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Three steps to insuring your commercial vehicle

Business owners using vehicles regularly for commercial activities need to invest in commercial auto insurance. At Dynamic General Insurance Services, we provide commercial auto coverage to business owners in Cathedral City, CA.

The following are three steps you need to go through to insure your commercial vehicle. 

Identify the commercial vehicles you need to insure

Depending on your industry and company setup, you might need to insure automobiles, trucks, or equipment such as trailers. The first step to meeting your commercial auto insurance needs is identifying all the vehicles you need coverage for.

If you use a vehicle for both commercial and personal needs, discuss your insurance needs with a representative from your insurance company to determine what type of policy will meet your commercial and personal needs and cover your liabilities. 

Find a reliable commercial auto insurance provider in your area

You need to choose an insurance provider to cover your commercial vehicles. You can compare rates between different insurance providers by getting quotes on your needed policy. 

In addition to comparing costs, you need to consider policy features and customer service offerings when selecting the right commercial auto insurance provider for your company. 

Factor commercial auto insurance premiums into your company budget and purchase your policy

Another thing you need to do before you purchase commercial auto insurance is to work your insurance premiums into your company’s budget. Your insurance premiums will be a recurring cost. Fortunately, commercial auto premiums can be written off as a business expense. 

It’s best to set up automatic payments for your commercial auto policy to ensure that you won’t miss any payments down the road. 

If you’re on the market for a commercial auto policy in Cathedral City, CA, we’re here to help. Contact us at Dynamic General Insurance Services to learn more about our insurance coverage solutions. 

Truckers, Senders and Receivers: Who Buys The Trucking Insurance?

There are a lot of policies in play when it comes to trucking and shipping. You have the people sending the goods, the people receiving the goods, the people driving the trucks, and the owner of the trucking company. It can get to be a little confusing as to who buys what.

The trucking company buys trucking insurance

The clients will typically buy inland marine insurance, that is, cargo insurance to protect the goods themselves on the trip from point A to point B and while in storage at warehouses, stops and depots along the way. Once the goods arrive, they’ll generally be covered by whatever insurance the receiver has in place.

The trucking company will be buying trucking insurance because these policies are intended to cover the trucks and drivers. This applies whether you’re a one-truck owner-operator, or a transportation mogul with a whole fleet of sixteen wheelers, tow trucks, and bread trucks to your name. Dynamic General Insurance Services trucking policies are designed to be flexible to meet your needs, so whether you have one truck or a hundred, whether you own a small trucking business or one of the biggest in the state, you’ll be able to find a policy that covers your Cathedral City, CA business.

Trucking is the lifeblood of the American economy, and the right policy from Dynamic General Insurance Services in Cathedral City, CA can help to ensure that you and your team will be covered should something happen along the way. Get in touch through phone or visit our office and see what we can do for your California trucking business. There’s no sense in going under-protected or letting your drivers go unprotected on the journey there.

Common myths about auto insurance

The process of buying insurance is complicated, tedious, and can be frustrating if you are a newbie. The whole aspect of figuring out how insurance premiums are calculated is mind-boggling. That is why there is a lot of false information and myths about auto insurance. However, if you live in or around Cathedral City, CA, Dynamic General Insurance Services can help provide you with accurate information. Here are a few common myths that we thought you should know.

Red cars are pricier to insure

The notion that red cars cost more to insure has been there for years. There is a prevalent assumption that this color significantly impacts premium calculations as the red color is associated with aggressive driving and speeding. However, as convincing this myth may look, it is not true. Whether your car is pink, purple, or green, it doesn’t matter; insurance companies are more concerned about the model, engine size, and year.

Older drivers pay more

Many people think that auto insurance works like life insurance, where the older you get, the higher the premiums. While age matters, it is not necessarily a cost determinant. In fact, it is the exact opposite. Older drivers are more likely to be eligible for special discounts than their younger counterparts.

Small cars cost less to insure

It is common knowledge that small items cost less than larger items. While this may be true, it doesn’t apply to auto insurance. Insurance companies have to put various factors into consideration when calculating your auto insurance premiums.

Your insurance policy protects you and your car

Auto insurance does not work that way. The liability insurance covers damage or injuries sustained by another driver in an accident where you are at fault. If you got injured in the same accident or your car got damaged, you may need to fund your medical bills as well as the car repairs.

We hope this article helped clear myths and offered crucial information about auto insurance. For more information, visit Dynamic General Insurance Services in Cathedral City, CA today!

3 Tips to Keep Loyal Employees and Boost Employee Retention

Maintaining quality employees is an essential part of a successful business for those in the health care industry. This is especially true for those working in the Palm Springs and Cathedral City, CA areas, as competition in this industry is not only directed at patients, but also employees. Below are the best ways that you can retain loyal employees and boost your employee retention within your facility. 

Allow feedback and opinions

Most employees enjoy working for an employer that will take advantage of feedback and give them a voice. When employees feel as though they are respected in their workplace, they often stay much longer than others who do not find the same appreciation. 

Support them in their goals

Many employees are striving to enhance their careers in one way or the other. Give them your support when they are seeking to either further their education or gain knowledge through professional development opportunities. If you believe that one of your employees is qualified for such training, encourage them yourself and let them know why you feel they would be good for it. 

Offer quality benefits and be thoroughly insured

Employees are seeking two things other than salary when they apply to jobs. They consider the benefits that are offered and the type of protection they can receive from their employer. An employer that carries quality commercial insurance to protect their employees while on the job will hold a solid reputation and maintain loyal employees.

Protect your business and employees today

If you have a business within Cathedral City, CA or nearby, our agents at Dynamic General Insurance Services are ready to assist you with the coverage that you need. Give us a call today for more information and determine what commercial insurance policy is best for you.


Why does my California business need workers comp insurance?

An owner or manager of a business has many different important decisions that need to be made daily. For those that are in the Cathedral City, CA area, one important decision is choosing commercial insurance policies. One significant part of this coverage is the workers’ comp insurance. There are several reasons why you need to have workers comp insurance at all times. 

Gives Employees and Business Protection

The main reason why you need to make sure that you have appropriate workers’ comp insurance in place is that it will provide extremely valuable coverage to both you and your team. If an employee is hurt while working, there could be a significant amount of expenses associated with medical bills, therapy, and lost wages. When this occurs, the worker’s comp insurance coverage will commence, which ultimately protects by the employee and the company. 

Legally Required

Similar to many other states across the country, California businesses are required by law to carry workers’ comp insurance at all times. This will ensure that they can pay restitution to an employee that is hurt while at work. Any business that has one or more employees that do not have workers comp insurance could face severe penalties if caught without it. 

Having workers’ comp insurance is vital for all California businesses. When you are looking for coverage for your company, you should contact the insurance team at Dynamic General Insurance Services. Since picking the right workers’ comp policy can be so confusing, Dynamic General Insurance Services in Cathedral City, CA is available to help you to understand better all of the rules and regulations that come with it. Reach out to our office to speak with our agents and learn how to get a quote.

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