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Truckers, Senders and Receivers: Who Buys The Trucking Insurance?

There are a lot of policies in play when it comes to trucking and shipping. You have the people sending the goods, the people receiving the goods, the people driving the trucks, and the owner of the trucking company. It can get to be a little confusing as to who buys what.

The trucking company buys trucking insurance

The clients will typically buy inland marine insurance, that is, cargo insurance to protect the goods themselves on the trip from point A to point B and while in storage at warehouses, stops and depots along the way. Once the goods arrive, they’ll generally be covered by whatever insurance the receiver has in place.

The trucking company will be buying trucking insurance because these policies are intended to cover the trucks and drivers. This applies whether you’re a one-truck owner-operator, or a transportation mogul with a whole fleet of sixteen wheelers, tow trucks, and bread trucks to your name. Dynamic General Insurance Services trucking policies are designed to be flexible to meet your needs, so whether you have one truck or a hundred, whether you own a small trucking business or one of the biggest in the state, you’ll be able to find a policy that covers your Cathedral City, CA business.

Trucking is the lifeblood of the American economy, and the right policy from Dynamic General Insurance Services in Cathedral City, CA can help to ensure that you and your team will be covered should something happen along the way. Get in touch through phone or visit our office and see what we can do for your California trucking business. There’s no sense in going under-protected or letting your drivers go unprotected on the journey there.

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